Private Data POD

Connecting you, your data and your network in a whole new way!

Who needs a Private Data POD?

Everyone! With your Private Data POD plugged into your home router you are in complete control of your data. The photos you take, comments you write, posts you make, meetings and appointments you create, the path and steps your fitness tracker logs, they’re all stored in your Private Data POD, safely tucked away next to your router.

With your Private Data POD, your data will no longer be stored in a giant database someplace you will never see, or be able to visit. Only friends, family and trusted businesses will be able to access your data, and only the data you allow them to. Knowing your data is safely secured in your Private Data POD, you can ignore the next data breach headline, because it will not be your data that has been compromised.

By being in control of your data, you give people and your apps permission to read or write to parts of your Private Data POD. So when you switch phones, join new websites or discover the next must have app, you won't have to fill out your details over and over again, just allow that app to read from your Private Data POD and you'll be setup in seconds! Data you save in one app is available in another app, you will never have to sync app data again, cause honestly that never works anyway, your data stays with you, in one spot, safe and sound in your Private Data POD.


what is it

Think of your Private Data POD as your own private place on the world wide web, safely deployed in your house that securly holds all your data and simply works with all your apps. Your Private Data POD is your own personal place and connection to the rest of the world wide web.

You can store anything you want in your Private Data POD. You can access it from anywhere using your WebID. When you give others access to parts of your Private Data POD, they can securly access your data and respond to it, maybe it's a "yes" to your next birthday party or a comment on last nights dinner picture you posted. Ultimatly you decide what apps and people can see and do.

Not only does your Private Data POD safely store all your data, it also proves ownership of your data and can identify you to the rest of the world wide web. No more relying on third parties with several username and password combinations, you can use your Private Data POD to tell the world wide web who you are. You authenticate to your Private Data POD then simply log in with your Private Data POD.


how does it work

Your Private Data POD is incredibly simple, you plug it in and it takes care of the rest. Your Private Data POD is a powerful micro computer, with 1000’s times more compute power than NASA had when it put the first man on the moon. Not only is your Private Data POD an incredible little machine, it also has tremendous storage capabilities and can store tons of pictures, text and any other data you want.

Once you plug in your Private Data POD, simply access it through your web browser at the POD name you selected, create your user and take control of your webID and your data. Once your user is created, your Private Data POD will create a unique WebID just for you, it will be based on the POD name you chose followed by "", so if you choose a pod name of "arthurdent" you would access your Private Data POD by visiting

It really is just that simple, you don't need to worry about all the tech stuff that keeps your Private Data POD connected to the internet, just plug it in and podCONNECT™ technology will do the rest. If your home router has internet access then your Private Data POD will too!

Your Private Data POD is built on a foundation of a SOLID server, SOLID technology, created by a team at MIT, leverages existing internet rules and protocols to securely transmit, store and share data across the world wide web. The foundation of SOLID, coupled with the incredibly simple Private Data POD and podCONNECT™ technology will connect you, your data and your network in whole new ways never before imagined.

Private Data PODs are free for everyone and will be shipping soon!

If you are interested in our early adopter program please send an email to

Private Data PODs will be available for everyone soon, check back to get your own Private Data POD for FREE!

Once your Private Data POD is plugged in, podCONNECT™ will keep your pod name active and your data connected and secure for a small fee per month, billed annually.